Jag är ganska blödig av mig och blir lätt berörd av olika livsöden. Jag gråter ofta när jag ser filmer som är sorgliga, och ibland ännu mer när det slutar lyckligt.
När det handlar om barn och djur, som är så oskyldiga och oskyddade mot världen, berörs jag ännu mer. Den här historien berörde mig starkt. Jag hittade den på The animal rescue sight Där går jag in varje dag och klickar och då skänker sponsorer mat till hemlösa djur som omhändertagits och nu bor på djurhem i väntan på att hitta någon som vill adoptera dem och ge dem ett hem.

3 years ago I started as a volunteer dog walker at our local shelter. There was this little fluffy dog that would look at me with her big eyes every day. I thought for sure she would get adopted quickly, but after a while, when nobody adopted her, I asked the people up front what her story was. It turns out she was a 15 year old stray that clearly nobody wanted to adopt. One of the kennel attendants said she would probably end up spending her last days there at the shelter. I knew that couldn't happen! I told my husband about her and he came to see her before we brought her home. Our other dogs welcomed her right away and she made herself at home on our couch that night. We named her Nana, and she was a quiet little old lady who loved to sit in the sun, eat  A LOT, and chug along on walks. Right after her 1 year birthday with us she became ill. It turned out she had diabetes and her kidneys were failing. We got Nana her own Walgreen's prescription card and started her on daily insulin shots. Sadly, it wasn't enough to save her. We lost Nana on a beautiful spring day, and that evening my husband and I saw a little rainbow in the sky above our house. I told my husband about the Rainbow Bridge and we knew then that Nana had made it there safely. Since then we've begun adopting senior dogs and while their stay with us may be short, we are blessed to give them a place to enjoy their last years!


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