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15 Genius DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas


From where to put those extra rolls of toilet paper, to creative ways to  store cosmetics brushes, we’ve scoured the web for some of the very best DIY  bathroom storage ideas, none of which will break the bank. So go ahead, add a  little bit of sanity back into your bathroom, and turn it into the sanctuary it  deserves to be.


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1.Instead of shelving, hang baskets.

Need a place to put those extra rolls of toilet paper or small hand towels?  Why not hang wicker baskets on the wall, to mimic shelves.

vanity33 15 Genius DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas


2. Dress up knickknacks with trays.

It is inevitable that bathrooms get taken up with knickknacks, everything  from perfume bottles containers of cotton swabs. Dress up the ordinary placing  these items on a tray, which you can even put on top of a toilet.

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3.Need a place for cosmetics brushes? Why not mason  jars.

Need a place to store cosmetic brushes? Why not hang mason jars on the wall,  which can hold everything from cotton swabs to blush brushes, effortlessly.



4. Wood cubes are great for DIY storage.

Another great place to store toilet paper, and rolled towels, is in wood  cubes, easy to fit in small bathrooms.



5. Hang wall cubes to create more storage.

Sponges, creams, and toothbrushes, will all fit in cubes that you can hang on  the wall of your bathroom to create extra storage.

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6. Ceramic planters can play double duty in the  bathroom.

You might have pigeonholed ceramic planters for use in your garden, but they  also are a great bathroom storage solution.



7. Vintage tins make for great storage containers.

Looking for cute and inexpensive storage containers? Why not opt for vintage  tin containers with fun slogans.



8. Use magnetic strips for easy access to small bathroom  essentials.

Constantly looking for a place to store everything from small scissors to  bobby pins? Why not opt for magnetic strips that you can place everywhere from  your walls to inside your medicine cabinet.



9. Hang caps to store your toothbrushes.

Toothbrushes are one of the toughest things to store in a bathroom. Why not  hang caps on your wall so you don’t have to stuff toothbrushes into your  medicine cabinet.



10. Hang your towels on a ladder.

Instead of ordinary towel racks, use a ladder as a fun bathroom storage  solution.



11. Add circular hanging storage to your bathroom.

From rolled towels to cosmetics to toilet paper this is a great DIY bathroom  storage idea.

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12. Add a fun cabinet into your bathroom.

Instead of just any storage for your bathroom, why not opt for a colorful  cabinet to both decorate and organize your space.

f64bd49a0e5e1c28b02b4cbb6f3cae73 15 Genius DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas


13. A stepping stool can play double duty.

From storing towels to knickknacks, who would have thought that an ordinary  old stepping stool could look so chic in a bathroom?



14. Organized bins are the perfect storage solution.

Sometimes all it takes to have a well decorated bathroom is perfectly  organized bins like this, all labeled so that everything has its place.


15. Hang storage shelving on rope.

Hanging shelves on a rope? This is a great idea for a bathroom, and means you  can even hang storage over your  toilet.



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