Att leva med färre prylar

På Project 33 läste jag denna lista med 33 insikter efter att ha levt i tre år med 33 saker i sin garderob inkl accesoarer.

33 Things I Know

  1. People care more about what they are wearing than what I am wearing.
  2. Fewer decisions in the closet allow for more clarity for more important choices.
  3. Just because a shirt looks good on me doesn’t mean I need it in every color.
  4. I can pack my entire wardrobe in a carry on bag.
  5. I used to spend too much money on clothing I didn’t wear very much.
  6. Comparison makes me feel like I’m not good enough.
  7. I am.
  8. Advertising makes me feel like I don’t have enough.
  9. I do.
  10. When clothing fits my body, I look and feel better.
  11. If something wears out, I can replace it.
  12. I can get ready for anything in less than 10 minutes.
  13. It’s ok to invest in quality clothing.
  14. A supportive community makes the most challenging things easier and enjoyable.
  15. Someone needs the clothing I don’t wear.
  16. One is enough in almost every situation.
  17. Mornings are so much easier dressing with less.
  18. With less clothing, I have more time and money.
  19. Almost anything is more fun than shopping.
  20. I never have to worry about closet space.
  21. Simplicity inspires interesting conversations and beautiful friendships.
  22. People stop buying you clothing and accessories when you create a minimalist fashion project.
  23. Dry clean only items aren’t functional in a small wardrobe.
  24. I used to spend too much time figuring out what to wear.
  25. Men like this project too.
  26. Dressing with less has inspired me to live with less.
  27. Now that I don’t think about what to where, I am more creative.
  28. I can appreciate fashion without owning it.
  29. Counting your clothes has nothing to do with numbers.
  30. If I wait 30 days to buy something, I almost always forget about it.
  31. Dressing with less works around the world.
  32. This crazy experiment has become a life changing project.
  33. Simple is the new black
Inspirerande lista tycker jag, och även om jag inte riktigt är nere på 33 saker ännu, så har jag drastiskt dragit ner på min garderob, och köper oerhört sällan nya kläder. Jag har tillräckligt :)
Och denna lista älskade jag, och speciellt punkt 9 inspirerade mig. Skriv ner varje dag vilka kläder jag har på mig och hur jag trivs i dem gör det enklare att hitta min egen stil, vad som passar mig och vad som inte passar mig. Den idéen ska jag ta efter :) Det gör det också enklare att göra sig av med saker som man inte är helt 100 för. Let go!
1) Fabric matters — pay attention!
2) Dress for the life you have.
3) Comfort trumps style (but both together are great!).
4) Know what colors flatter you.
5) Know what flatters your shape.
6) With a small closet, everything has to earn it’s place. If it’s not carrying it’s weight, let it go.
7) It’s OK to wear the same dress 5 Sundays in a row, or the same skirt twice in a week, especially if you feel fabulous in it.
8) 1 piece you feel fabulous in is worth 3 that you feel OK in.
9) Writing down what you wear and your thoughts on it helps clarify your feelings and whether you should keep something.
10) It’s OK to spend a lot on one piece you will wear a whole bunch. It doesn’t make as much sense to spend a lot on special occasion clothes.

Postat av: Hanna


2013-10-08 @ 17:05:22
Postat av: Helle

Tack för att du delade av dig av detta. Jag har fortsatt att kolla in project 333 och hittat så mycket att läsa vidare om!

2013-10-12 @ 21:22:35

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