Project 333

Jag har tidigare skrivit om Project 333. Ett projekt där du i tre månader bara använder 33 plagg, accessoarer, skor etc från din garderob. Ett projekt för att kunna känna hur mycket du egentligen behöver i din garderob. Jag följer bloggen om projektet, som startade i USA. Här kommer ett citat från den amerikanska bloggen som jag tycker sammanfattar tanken bakom projektet på ett riktigt bra sätt.

"It wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be and 33 seemed to be a rather random number. I could easily do 25 or even 20! And that is when it hit me. Project 333 wasn’t about 33 items at all. The number was a random assignment that allowed for numeric alliteration as well as a realistic goal to strive for.

Depending on your own consumer habits, your own take on fashion -vs- function, and your own personal style, 33 could just as easily be 50 in that it would free you from being a slave to Glamour or GQ as well as your own closet. One belt. Ten belts. It didn’t matter after all. What mattered is that I had begun to realize I didn’t need a belt to match every pair of shoes, and I didn’t need to keep one just in case the other wore out or buy two instead of one because that was the special at the store. I was learning in those first 3 months to take control over my own wardrobe.

I am a telecommuter. I work from home in regards to my “day job.” The other portion of my time is spent outdoors on a small farm where few say anything about my outward appearance. Because of this, I have had much more room to minimize and rid myself and my closet of what now seem like sewn together shackles. For me, Project 333 is not a decluttering exercise. It is not a minimalism mission. It is a focused amount of time in which I have been encouraged to examine my clothes and my possessions from a host of perspectives…

  • Do I need it or just want it?
  • Will it make me look good or will I look like I don’t care about myself?
  • Is this work acceptable as well as perfect for a night out or a church morning?
  • Does this item really get worn to only one venue?
  • Why do I still own those shoes?

I am so thankful that I chose to join the project. I honestly don’t know if I am above or below the targeted 33 items. I know that I wear all of my clothes. I know that I like all of my clothes. I know that I managed to keep the pair of jeans my wife likes me most in. And I know that 50 items or 5, I am happy every day I stand in front of my closet to grab a shirt that will inevitably match whatever I already have on!"

Framför allt tycker jag frågorna skrivaren ställer är viktiga att fundera kring, både när du rensar i din befintliga garderob, men också vid eventuella nyinköp. Behöver du det eller är det bara något du vill ha? Får plagget dig att se bra ut, och känna dig fin? Passar det vid mer än ett tillfälle? Tex läste jag en annan blogg där hon var ute efter en klänning till ett sommarbröllop, men funderade på om klänningen kunde funka vid andra tillfällen, och dressa ner till ett par jeans.


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